These days online sessions are more popular than ever and if you aren’t doing them, I would highly recommend it!

There is something to be said about being in the same room as a student, and honestly, you will get a better result with in-person sessions. Mainly because you are there and can better observe the student and it is always more effective to communicate in person rather than at a distance.

However, group sessions are a great way to save time and money. You obviously cut out traveling time and costs, and you can charge less to the student because of this.

There are few points to consider.

  • Make sure that the student comes early to the session and make it clear that if they are late, you won’t go over time (unless you are happy to)
  • Make sure the student has a decent microphone and camera and has tested it on Zoom or whatever else you are using before your first session
  • PowerPoint or something similar is really useful so that you can have a structured session and don’t spend the students time writing things down
  • Use a touch screen computer or a tablet such as a Wacom so that you can write things neatly as you explain them
  • Keep an eye on the student to look out for any indication that they don’t understand what you are talking about (such as yawning, glazed over eyes, being distracted etc)
  • Ideally, get the session pre-paid for via bank transfer or Stripe etc.
  • Create a survey (with Google or whatever) for them to fill out at the end so that you have an indication of how they went and a written record of the wins they’ve had. Learn more here.

Keep these things in mind and you’ll have a very successful session!

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