My advice? Don’t try to be too fancy, just start promoting!

We will work on improving the promotion later but to begin with, it’s doing ANY promotion and in a large volume which is important.


  • Talk to people you know. By FAR the easiest way to find students is to ask friends, family, workmates, teachers etc whether they know anyone who needs tutoring. Talk to everyone you know and ask "Do you know anyone who needs any tutoring?" Promoting to people you don't know is effective, but it often requires a lot more time and effort because they have no reason to believe you are the best tutor for them. If refers you to someone, there is already a lot of trust. 
  • Create a profile on tutor sites. There are plenty of websites to promote tutoring, Google them and set them up!
  • Create a flyer. It’s old-school but it is still works! Create a Flyer and work out which local stores, schools or other relevant places to put them in. When you next get a chance, just walk in and say you are tutor who is starting out and can you leave some flyers here?
  • Create a Google Business Listing. This is one of the best ways to rank on Google and you will be found when people in your suburb search for you. Click here to begin.


  • Continue on Facebook. Continue looking for students on Facebook per above, this will be the majority of your promotion time. Get people to like and comment to build your reputation. Ideally you want your students to do this, and you can even ask at the end of each class. Students and parents will want to see comments from people their age, so keep this in mind.
  • Make your Facebook page look good. If you are promoting on Facebook (and these days you can post as a page, so it's worth setting this up well), you want people to trust you. This is done best by making sure you Page/Profile look good and ideally putting images and videos of testimonials from your students. 
  • Work out more people you know. Then contact them and find out if they know anyone who needs tutoring. Remember this is the easiest way to find students.
  • Check the flyers. Every week, go into the stores you placed flyers and ask how your flyers are going. This establishes a connection with the people at the store, so they are more likely to promote you and also lets you check to see how many were taken.


  • Improve your promotion. Here you can make images, find photos of students, work on getting testimonials from students and start incorporating this into your promotion. You can ask at the end of a tutoring session if you can take a photo for promotion and get a photo. You can even make short videos on your phone to post. Once you have done this, fix up the above promotion. 

This is the start of promotion! Keep it simple, but make sure it communicates well to students and parents. Improve it as you go along.

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