Want to help students? Become a tutor!

It's a great way to make a living! Let me give you this step-by-step cheatsheet on how to get started and find students!


How will this cheatsheet help you?

This cheatsheet is all you need to start tutoring now! Imagine being able to control when you work, how much you make and making a living helping students with their problems! I'm the creator of MathsMethods.com.au and have helped thousands of students and tutors. I've used my years of knowledge to make it so easy for you to get started with this step-by-step guide!

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  • A one-page cheatsheet and checklist with exact steps to follow to get started tutoring. No fluff! Just effective steps to instantly apply
  • All my knowledge on tutoring summarised into one instantly applicable checklist.
  • The exact methods to find as many students as you'd like

They Say

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I would HIGHLY recommend it!

Alex really knows his stuff! He's been my mentor for many years and helped me learn more about tutoring, business and helping people than anyone else. If you get the chance to learn from him, I would HIGHLY recommend it.

Alex Tolnai - tutor

This cheatsheet will help...

Get started quickly!

Find out everything you need to get started quickly and start tutoring!

Find students

Get started on the simple method to find and help students!

Make a living!

Be your own boss and work as much as you like and charge as much as you like!

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